JUCE6 - Projucer not building on Windows, VS2015

Hi guys,

I tried building Projucer on Windows, with VS2015 but it’s failing with hundreds of errors. That’s from the stable Juce 6.0.0 release. Never had problems with Juce 5.

Any advice would be very helpful.


I’m not seeing any build issues on Windows 10 with VS2015 (v14.0.25431.01 Update 3). Are you able to build any of the other JUCE projects or is it only the Projucer giving you errors? Have you tried a fresh install of JUCE with no modifications?

Hi @ed95 ,

I’ve successfully built plugins with this system until I replaced juce 5 with juce 6, few minutes ago, freshly downloaded stable release from the master repo. Usually I just have to open the Projucer solution and build the Release configuration and it works.

Can you provide some more info about your setup -

  • The version of Visual Studio 2015 and MSVC
  • The version of Windows
  • The configuration (32/64-bit)

Thanks @ed95. The problem was my VS2015 version, which was Update 1. After updating to 3, everything worked as expected.

Thanks again.