[Resolved] How do I build any version of Introjucer or Projucer?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a project using a legacy version of JUCE (actually 2 of them - 4.1.0 and 4.2.0). While I will try to eventually get them up to latest, I do need to first build the project in its current state.

I’ve downloaded both versions of JUCE from the Releases section of the github repo, but I don’t think the latest (5.1.2) Projucer supports the old projects - I can’t save the project (and thus the Xcode/VS exports) because the Projucer doesn’t seem to recognize the old module structure.

If I have the binary (already built) version of the Introjucer (and older versions of the Projucer if it isn’t backwards compatible to 4.2.0), I would be able to save the projects and get those exports created for me, but I am unaware of on archive of the releases other than the github one which only tags the source tree (and doesn’t contain the binaries).

Is there such an archive? And what is the general way to deal with this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

In every release of JUCE, the Introjuce/Projucer have their exports (Xcode, VS, etc.) already created, so you don’t need to open the .jucer project of it - directly build using the export.

If you have the old version of the repo, you can just build the version of the introjucer that’s in there, can’t you?

As I said - I opened it up with the latest released Projucer (5.1.2) and it can’t save.

Paths to the modules are correct, yet it says “At least one of your JUCE modules’ path is invalid”. If I remove juce_core and add it again, for example - it says “This wasn’t a valid module folder”. That’s why I assume the Projucer doesn’t support the old module format which is in 4.1.0.

Thanks for the fast response, btw.

Why would you try to open it in the projucer? Just go into the extras/Introjucer/Builds/whatever OS/ folder, and build it directly. No need for the projucer (?)

Because so far I assumed (apparently wrongfully so) that I would always need to save the project exports and always need to start from the .jucer project before building.

And once the save failed, the thought crossed my mind - maybe there is an exporter ready-built, but the Xcode one was missing AppConfig, BinaryData and JuceHeader. So I thought “Sure, I wasn’t able to save the project and those are regenerated on each save”. Hence this topic. :slight_smile:

The save wasn’t completed, but it managed to delete AppConfig, BinaryData and JuceHeader before it failed, apparently. I pulled that version again and managed to build it.

Thanks for the help, @jules. And sorry if this was a stupid question.