Compiling Latest Tip

Howdy. I just downloaded the latest tip from github and am trying to get ProJucer to compile. When I open up the projcer.jucer file, it opens with IntroJucer 4.1.0. It says that the module paths are invalid. From what I’ve read, the new module format broke compatibility with previous versions of IntroJucer.

So, how are we supposed to compile the Github ProJucer 4.2 if we need ProJucer 4.2 to compile it???

Navigate to extras\Projucer\Builds and choose a folder depending on which IDE you are using, then open the solution/project and build it.

Might be good to put this in the readme on github. I had the same issue too.

That wont work because the files that IntroJucer auto generates arent generated. No JuceHeader.h because introjucer 4.1 doesn’t accept the new module format. And the github download doesn’t include those files either. I’ve been using juce for about 2 years. I’m not a newb lol

I redownloaded the latest github version. I guess when I opened the .jucer file with IJ4.1, it cleaned out the files in JuceLibraryCode.