Resolving libfreetype dependency

I’m using JUCE to build a command line application on Linux. I want to build the application on the submit node for my school’s computing cluster so I can run several copies of it. I can’t compile the juce_gui_basic module because the machine does not have lib freetype. I could try to build locally and link it but I would prefer not to go down that path because I’m not using anything from the library.

Unfortunately, JUCEApplication is in juce_gui_basic so I need to build this module in order to build my program despite the fact that it has no GUI. Is there any clean way I can disable the freetype dependency?

Thanks much!

If you’re building a command-line app, you don’t need JUCEApplication, or any of the gui modules - just write your own main() routine. I think the introjucer’s new project wizard will set this up correctly if you ask it for a command-line app.