Resurrect WIKI?

I like juce a lot but have been having some learning curve issues.

The forum is a bit frustrating because a lot of the posts are old and not relevant, but i don't really want to ask a question if it is already answered.

I thought having a wiki for some things would be very nice for newbies like me.

Searching the forum, I found at least 2 attempts to put up a Wiki?

They seem to be gone.  Why did they fail

I am willing to set up a wiki on one of my domains if the community would like that, but I think it would be better if it was hosted with the forum.

I would not be able to synchronize logins / usernames with the forum if i host the wiki.

Let me know and if people want me to, i could have the wiki up in a few days, but I am fairly noob at Juce so i would need others to add content.



I agree that its difficult at times to find relevant and up-to-date information on aspects of development with JUCE. There are already some tutorials appearing here on the site and I think more would be very welcome. I think How-to walkthrough examples are a good format. These could also go in the forum when it gets an update? 

Maybe people could list topics they would like to get tutorials for? 

I'd like one on: Embedding a TrueType font using the BinaryBuilder and using it in your project.

There is also the book "Getting Started with JUCE", which is great for starting out but quite thin and only touches on certain important aspects of JUCE. 


Apparently what killed the WIKIs was lack of interest.

I guess I won't do anything for now, but I am still willing to host if we get some community interest in the future.


I'm always up for the idea of a wiki :)  Though perhaps it'd be better to have a comments section at the bottom of the manual pages?

I personally think this forum could do with an overhaul - I started a thread about this not too long ago:

I think also there could be user-submitted tutorials and stuff, which I guess could be like a wiki.

I am honestly surprised by the lack of activity here - either not that many people are using JUCE,  or they don't feel the need to post here, or maybe most people using JUCE aren't running into issues they feel the need to ask about? 

Yes, we're sorting out some web-devs to improve the forum - hopefully will get that done v. soon.

Not sure what you mean about a lack of activity, it seems pretty busy to me!

I guess I expected more responses and discussions on topics, or maybe its just that often I dont get that many replies to my questions!  Or maybe I'm just used to the kind of activity on Stack Overflow or XDA developers...

Either way I'm excited to be part of this community and would like to see it grow

Some people do have bad luck with their questions not getting answered - it's normally when you ask things that are too broad, so nobody knows how to answer.

Sadly there aren't yet as many juce users as there are people on Stack Overflow, but maybe one day!

How’s the wiki coming along? :slight_smile:

Seems like there is not much interest from official side. A similar discussion ended with Fabian adding a link (clicked 9 times by now) to a google doc in this post: Collaborate document for host specific behaviour.
My personal feeling is, as long as these collaborative information is put in such obscure places, it is not very much appealing to contribute. I only take the time writing, if I think is helping anyone…
But if it’s a more visible thing, I think I find stuff to contribute.

We could spawn an unofficial one. I had one once just for my own personal notes … it could be resurrected.


A community wiki is a great idea. User contributed tutorials, categorised links & info would be good to have.

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I don’t suppose that with the new forum software we have a wiki we could enable now? :slight_smile:

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Adam - well - maybe you and I should start one … we could write to each other on it. In C++. It’d be sweet.

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There’s so much knowledge here, coupled with the slightly lacking search functionality in the forum… There a lots of topics that regularly come up, from beginner C++ questions, to multithreaded audio and GUI solutions. Plus its a great way to consolidate one’s own knowledge… win win :slight_smile:

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Exactly - I find myself searching for the same answers again and again as well. Mainly how do I do some random thing when I’ve got a custom treeview component … :slight_smile: