ROLI acquires FXpansion!

A lot of you will probably have already seen this in the tech news yesterday, but just wanted to post here that the delightful FXpansion crew are now stable-mates with the JUCE team:

I’ve been personal friends with the FX team since they began organising beer evenings for London audio developers back in the early 2000s, so am chuffed to finally end up working with them in this way!


Congrats!! Angus, SKoT and Rhi are great folks… now if only they’d been using JUCE :wink:



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Are you going to be sharing offices? :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ll certainly be merging offices eventually, when ROLI gets more space!

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You all need to move to Guildford … ;0)

Nice one !

so I’m the pessimist here, but to me that just sounds like juce may become a bit less independant. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong :slight_smile:

JUCE has always had its direction and priorities guided by the needs of projects with which I’ve been heavily involved, whether that was Tracktion or plugins, ROLI stuff, etc. As far as JUCE is concerned, FX are just another team who’ll be asking us for features, but since the stuff they need is probably aligned with the needs of most plugin developers, that’s good news for you guys!

There’s also a good chance that some nice FXpansion DSP IP may eventually find its way into the library… :slight_smile:


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, WOW! All that considerable brain-power working in the same direction :slight_smile: I’m REALLY looking forward to future stuff from you guys. {Waves to SKoT and Angus, who pointed me at Jules when I needed some help and advice} LOTS of time and respect for you guys. Godspeed!