Routing iOS audio output for juce processing

Hi all.
I’m trying to understand if is there a way to route audio from ios (like the voice on apple maps, or google maps) into a Juce app for signal processing routine and then output it.
I.e. the app would output the processed signal. I’ve been looking at AVAudiosession documentation, but can’t figure out a clear answer…
Thanks for the tips!

You can’t access the audio from other apps - think of the security implications this would have!

It’s possible to do this on the desktop using custom audio drivers which present virtual soundcards; you route the system audio into the virtual soundcard and you can then pipe the output into your app via an AudioDevice. I don’t know of anything similar on iOS though.

Yeah, to the best of my knowledge, this is only possible with the provided graphs (e.g. IAA, which provides specific hooks that both apps negotiate.) Just doing it arbitrarily like Audio Hijack or something is a definite security no-no on iOS.

Yup I know its doable on a desktop using virtual soundcards, was actually thinking maybe there is something similar for iOS.
Thanks for clarifying!