RTAS Demo Plug-in won't load

I’ve built the JUCE RTAS demo plug-in from JUCE 1.46. I copied the .dpm and .rsr file to Program Files/Common Files/Digidesign/DAE/Plug-Ins folder where I found all of the other dpm files.

I see the juce_RTAS plug-in being scanned by Pro Tools 7.3 M Powered but I am unable to see it in the plug-in list on a track. Any ideas?

Maybe it’s crashing when initialising?

I also had something like this which turned out to be that MSVC had linked-in a dependency on its runtime c++ dlls, and the machine I was installing on didn’t have these, so the dll wouldn’t load.

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The 1000th member! I had no idea… I have so many people to thank…

So I think it is crashing while initialising. When I run regsvr32 on it I get an error message that LoadLibrary(“juce_RTAS.dpm”) failed to load because the application configuration is not correct. I was successful in getting the RTAS plug-in from the pro tools SDK to build and work so I will now go through and check project and linker settings and see if I can discover the difference.

Any other thoughts?

some of the debug libraries in the project were getting included in the release build for whatever reason and they depended upon MSCRV90.dll. The /MT and /MD option in the C++ compiler options addressed this as well as making sure all libraries brought in were release build rather than debug.

Dependency Walker was very helpful in finding this.