RTAS problem: couldn't find MSVCP90.dll at Protools startup

Hi everybody,

I have a problem regarding RTAS plugins development. Actually my audio plugin works perfectly as VST or AU on both win32 and macosx, but I am not able to make it work on Protools.

My plug compiles correctly, I move the .dpm and .rsr files to the correct location, but when I launch Protools (I was able to get a Protools 10 Dev version from Avid), when scanning my plug, it says that MSVCP90.dll is missing on my computer. However, I checked and I do have this dll… I tried on 2 different computers and get the same error.

I’m currently using the old Juce 1.53 API, but I spent some time compiling my plugin on the new 2.0 version and I have the exact same problem, so I think it’s not version-related.

Also, I tried to simply compile the audio plugin demo in /extras/ as a RTAS (by modifying the Introjucer configuration) and I’m getting the exact same problem at Protools startup. I’m well aware that the audio plugin demo project was not updated for a very long time…

Did anybody get the same kind of error?
(In the meantime I tried to make the RTAS work on MACOSX and it doesn’t even compile, but that’s another story :wink: )

Oh and by the way, the only other post about the MSVCP90 dll on the forum seems to be completely unrelated.

Thanks in advance for your time, guys!

Got the same error. Was fixed by setting “Generate Manifest” = YES.
In VS 2008 option could be found here: “Project Properties -> Linker -> Manifest File -> Generate Manifest”.