RTAS Timer Problem



In the constructor of my Juce audio plugin editor I call startTimer(100). In VST/Cubase and AU/Logic this causes my editor’s timerCallback() function to be called. However, in RTAS/PT8 the timerCallback() is never called and so the editor does not update.

I have no idea if this is related but in running under Logic/AU when I single step using the Xcode debugger (gdb) and get to the line in Timer::startTimer():

    InternalTimerThread::add (this);

In Logic/AU I can step into this call. In RTAS under PT8 the debugger hangs when I try to step into this. I can step over it but not into it. Anyway, I don’t really care about stepping in or not I just want the timeCallback to get called.

Any ideas?


I have created a stripped down plugin using IntoJucer. I then added the minimal timer stuff to the editor. In this case the timerCallback is called. So I must be doing something in my code that makes the timerCallback not get called. I’m not sure what it is.