Sample depth resolution, export

Hi everyone,
I’ve got that sampler wich plays fixed wave files on top and according to the incoming signal.
Now if the the sample rate it s been changed the pluging is playing a different file (newSource 44100hz 32bit and newSource2 48000hz 32bit)

gsr = getSampleRate();

if (gsr == 44100)
sourceToBuffer(newSource, info, mixBuffer, buffer,  (1 * d * p);
if (gsr == 48000)
sourceToBuffer(newSource2, info, mixBuffer, buffer,  (1 * d * p);

now once the plugin is processing in the daw i’m exporting the project for instance in 64000hz 16bits. Aparently the sample rate convertion works fine but it seems to me that the resolution is not taking care of. Am i missing something there? Thanks a lot!