Sciter with JUCE backend

Just in case it can be intersting to someone...

Here is a screensot of my Sciter engine ( ) with JUCE library used as a graphics/windowing backend:


Here is the same document ( ) opened in Sciter with original native Windows backend (Direct2D). As you see there are some differences in rendering details, working on them.  

Basic concept: Sciter is wrapped into juce::Component and so it can be used anywhere inside JUCE infrastructure.

Among other HTML/CSS elements Sciter view may also contain other juce::Components defined in markup as <widget type="{name}">. Special callback provided by the host application will be responsible for binding {name}s with juce::Component derived things from host application side.





Great job, very interesting! Does it mean that you are using Juce for rendering? So is it also working on Mac?

The screenshot is taken on Mac as you see.  And yes I am using JUCE primitives for rendering here. 


Do you also have a sample that uses JUCE for rendering and runs also on Windows?

It would be great to be able to embed sciter components into JUCE applications on both Windows and OSX!

Is it possible?