Selecting resources using BinaryData and playfile

Hi all,
Is it possible to select a resource from this array in the BinaryData namespace ?

I am trying to figure out how to play an mp3 by passing a number to an array of resources.
Do I need to initialize an array in the constructor or can I just do something like this?

    void playfile(const void * sourceData, size_t sourceDataSize)
    AudioFormatReader* reader = formatManager.createReaderFor( new MemoryInputStream(sourceData, sourceDataSize, false));
    if (reader != nullptr)
        ScopedPointer<AudioFormatReaderSource> newSource = new AudioFormatReaderSource (reader, true);
        transportSource.setSource (newSource, 0, nullptr, reader->sampleRate);
        playButton.setEnabled (true);
        readerSource = newSource.release();
    if (reader == nullptr)
        playButton.setEnabled (false);
    transportSource.setPosition (0.0);
    changeState (Starting);
int main()
int note = 1;

Any replies from this JUCE and C++ newbie would be greatly appreciated …

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