Selling + distributing software

once you’ve built your amazing software how do you sell/distribute it?

i’m not asking about licensing/copy protection - there are plenty of threads on that, but assuming i’ve solved that problem, what then?

i’m also not asking about marketing.

i’m really looking for advice about storefront stuff. payments, purchasing, taxes, downloads, all of this stuff is doable, but it likely would take longer to implement than some plugins would. is this just the bar for entry or are there systems out there people can recommend?

Fastspring has worked well for me.

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MyCommerce seems also a good choice, it takes care of all the invoicing to customers with the various VAT rules that each country may have. Very useful, at least for Europe.

Using BlueSnap here at SampleSumo. They take care of tax/VAT (international sales), support coupons, bulk discounts, you can use their hosted checkout solution or use their API, you can get callbacks to your own site for providing/revoking serial numbers during the purchasing process (also from the hosted pages solution), … But it could be that other mentioned solutions are easier to setup, I have no idea reallly?

If you’re selling AAX as well, Avid has a plugin shop built into Avid Link, but I never tried that myself (no idea actually how easy/difficult it is to make it work with your own e-shop, and how much of a cut they take).

Downloads are stored on our company website (after purchasing, you get an email with your serial number(s) and a URL to the download location + you get redirected to that location automatically).

Thanks for that. We’re using Cleverbridge right now but it looks like BlueSnap might be a lot better!

Is anybody selling through KVR Marketplace? Seems like the easiest system to setup?