Semester or bachelor project ideas

Hi Everyone,

I'm finishing my computer science studies and am looking around for ideas for a semester and bachelor project.

I've done some work in c and c++, and I've used Juce in some other school related projects and seminars. The semeter project should require at least 120 hours or work with the main focus on implementation, the bachelor requirements requirements are 360 hours with a focus on theory and implementation. 

I'm not an excellent c++ programmer but I would like this opportunity to increase my knowledge of c++ and juce, as well as to contribute something to the community. I've done some Java work, alot of Python recently. I have quite a bit of experience with developing IOS and Android applications. At work I'm doing alot with Django. I have alot of experience with Digital Audio in general. I know all about bits, hertz, nyquist, fft,  aliasing and stuff. I'm far from being a DSP engineer though. 

I will be documenting my progress as I work and the result would be open to the public. Any structured input in the form of mentoring would be greatly appreciated but is not a must.

If anyone has an idea of something that would be usefull and interesting please let me know. I have time that I would like to invest in this.

I'll be fishing for ideas/projects from the Blender / Parallella / ChicagoBoss projects as well, something Juce related would be my first choice though.

Thanks in advance!

Alex Gustafson





That's a great idea! I remember reading that thread a while back.

I'm familiar with Kontakt, at least until version 3. I've worked with other software and hardware samplers. For one of my seminar projects I developed a juce based drum machine for IOS and Android, so I've "touched" some of the parts required for this project.

I'll write up some basic requirmenets and submit that to the forum thread you referenced, to get some feedback. Once I have some feedback I'll write up a proposal for the school asap. 

Hy Alex


Did you find already someone? Or did you find already an interesting project?

I am in search of an audio engineer/ programmer and you would perfectly fit into my ideas to fulfill.

It's about an app I do want to create in collaboration. I don't have any experience on programming.

Where are you coming from?

I am a female musician from Switzerland and searching for a collaboration work.

Kindest regards,


I second MarC, a sampler template would be great. Let me know if you start on this. Maybe we can help each other out. I am also working on a sampler.

hello together.

are my sentences not interesting enough? would be friendly and respectful from all of you to reply!



Yes, I would like to do the sampler project. I need to finish up another project I am working on, then get acceptance for the project from my teachers. I will begin around the end of September and post progress and links to the repository here.

@Harpsound, sorry for the late reply. I do not receive automatic email notifications from this forum ( not sure how to activate that ) and have not checked here for a while. If you have an idea that is related to the sampler project I would be interested in hearing it. If you have some other idea brewing you can PM me and I will let you know if I can help with that.

@alexg - Alex, you mentioned something about Chicagoboss - I haven't looked up it, but I get the impression you are in the Chicago area, correct? If so, where are you at school? UIC? DePaul? Elsewhere?

I'm halfway through a Masters of Science in Software Engineering with a concentration on Software Development at DePaul University. I have been wanting to get involved with this framework for quite some time, and I think that now is the right time. I'm obsessed with 3rd party plugins for DAWs like ProTools/Cubase/You name it, and I am aware that the juce framework is what a few of the key players in this industry are utilizing.

It sounds like you have very similar interests/possible goals in mind. Even if you aren't in Chicago, want to bounce some ideas around? possible collaboration?


@harpsound - I'd love to hear what you are looking for. I'm a semi-experienced amateur audio engineer, and as you can see from above, I am taking the programming side a bit more seriously currently as I'm in graduate school for it.


@Both of you - I'm quicker to reach by email -


@Everyone else - no one is excluded from contacting me. Please, please, I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone on this forum. I feel that I've found the right place, which means you are the right people. Let's talk.