Serial communication for plug ins


I am working on a project focused on developing plugins for controlling hardware effects. This allows us to have the best from both worlds: Analogue warmth and digital control capabilities like automation and preset recall. But I am facing a problem with implementing serial communication in JUCE. I need to send and receive information from microcontrollers for two reasons:

  1. Updating the parameters on the hardware effects processor for automation and preset recall (Send)
  2. Updating the state of the signal (monitoring) coming from the hardware in the plugin GUI. (Receive) *And also I am planning to update the state of the knobs in the GUI according to the position of the physical knobs in the hardware equipment.

Does JUCE have a multiplataform serial port class that provides easy control for bidirectional serial communication (in real time).

I would appreciate any examples, libraries and references, and I hope this material would be also useful for the rest of the developer community.


I banged my head against the wall with this one for a couple days. Inside of @jordanh’s nuance app there is a nice serial devicer manager he created. Only issue is last time I checked it wasn’t working on El Capitan, and I don’t believe it’s cross platform to windows.

I don’t think that the JUCE team has much interest in implementing a cross platform serial communication class, but if you do end up getting a good solution working, please share!


Ah, those classes were based on some code from graffiti on the forums from back in the day - I ripped out all the Windows stuff as I didn’t need it at the time, and updated a few things to get the code working with a newer version of JUCE.

That manager class was really just a helper, and a little too specific to the application I was writing at the time. As you know, I was basically teaching myself C++ and writing this app for some PhD research. Wasn’t really made for public consumption ha :wink:

@Jake_Penn I just got back from tour in Europe, if you want to grab a beer one of these days and catch up, we can look into some of the serial stuff. Been a while man!


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Hello! I’m looking for a developer in this exact area of serial communication for plug ins. If anyone would be interested, please PM me and I’ll fill you in more on the (paid) gig. Cheers!

I’m now hosting some JUCE Serial Port code on my website: