Dose JUCE support parallel port development?

Hi to all.

I have to design a new project that involves communication between an external controller via parallel port.

Does JUCE provide anu API to help me solve this problem, or you think it is better that I use a standard MFC project?

thanx in advance

A parallel port…? Do people still make those!?

if you can do with a serial port instead, there is a file in the public share that you could look at. and yes… do people still make’em ?

i’ve found that juce is pretty nice about letting you add other things. apart from the tricksy including of windows headers (which is easy to get around when you know how to do it), it’s pretty easy.

i would create a nice juce-like class that gives you an easy interface to access the things you’d want to use, and then use whatever platform functions you need in the implementation file. That’s how I did my joystick classes - they just use windows functions in the implementation but wrap them in a nice class that you could imagine was in juce all along. the tricky part is learning the functions you need to use in your definitions!

this site may help