Com Port Over USB, Instead of MIDI


I am wondering if anyone has any experience with controlling/receiving data from a device with JUCE using a com port over USB, instead of MIDI.

As I start working on this, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts they would share -- I'm not finding alot about it so far.


 I use JUCE for communicating with Arduinos using a 3rd party serial port class. I believe I grabbed the code from the following thread:

Direct code link:

On a side note, in my local version,  I've replaced the Windows code for getSerialPortPaths(), with code that uses the registry for getting the list of serial ports, and thus doesn't require the extra libraries required for the included version of that function.

Let me know if oyu have any specific questions.

Hi cpr, Many thanks with helping with Serial Port communication using JUCE. The above link is gone, do you have an alternative way of accessing your exemple? Or any updates?

Send me your email address and I’ll email you my local copy. :slight_smile:

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I just finished updating it for the new JUCE module format too (although I haven’t had a chance to test on a Mac with those updates).

I, also, would love a copy of this! Thanks!

I’m also very interested in getting a copy of that class.
Isn’t there any possiblity for personal messages on this board? I couldn’t find any… :confused:

You can now find the code on my website:

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This is now on github: