JUCE Serial Input/Output

Hey y’all,
I’m very new to JUCE and c++ in general however recently I have been trying to use the juce_serialport library in order to send and receive messages from an ariduno uno rev 3 over serial.

I have successfully imported the library into my project expect I’m at a total loss on how to use it. Any help would be great.

Currently, in my Arduino serial motor, I’m sending this through SLIPserial
⸮/analog/0 (and it will change based on the potentiometers value (i.e fader poistion))

If you dig into juce_serialport.h, you have a commented example in the beggining of the file. I succesfully used that to make mine work, although IIRC since JUCE 6 it stopped working for me and I still have to look into it.

Yeah, I saw the example though it won’t let me create the serial port something about it not being happy with the constructor and that doesn’t make sense to me considering it’s the example.