Set audio input in linux


I’m new in JUCE and I’m doing a the following SimpleEQ tutorial ( Learn Modern C++ by Building an Audio Plugin (w/ JUCE Framework) - Full Course - YouTube )

This tutorial is on Mac OS and it shows how to test the plugin using Juce Plug-in Host (min 41:28 of the tutorial). For this Charles adds a File Player Audio Unit which are not existent in Linux, this plugin allows to imports a mp4 file. Then he imports an audio file and connect the output of the audio player to the input of the SimpleEQ plugin made in the tutorial (as you can see in the screenshot bellow).

I’m trying to accomplish the same in Linux, but there is no such plugin that I can use to import an mp4 file and connect to my SimpleEQ plugin.

Can someone help me to configure the input or maybe share an equivalent plugin that I can use in the same way??


Hi, there is that plugin?

thanks a lot and sorry for the late response…now I have another issue…I don’t see the option “save project and open in IDE”

in Exporters section I added the Linux Linux Makefile and then selected it before try to “save project and open in IDE”

I think it’s just disabled in Linux as there is no de-facto standard IDE (and no option to set it in the Projucer).
You can use any of many here.

the thing is that if I open a demo for example in the same way, I get the makefile created…since I don’t have the make file I’m stuck on the compilation part for Linux of the AudioFilePlayer Plugin

add Linux Makefile in Exporter
click File->Save Project