ShareIt / MyCommerce system for small developers?

I was dealing with an issue regarding BlueSnap (online reseller system we’ve been using), and wanted to check the other systems again that were mentioned in this old thread:

And ShareIt / MyCormmerce seemed like a very good one too, but then I found this recent blog post:

So, for really small developers (or developers who do both services for other companies + also sell the odd product once in a while), that’s going to become very difficult, I guess…

Yeah… forget about ShareIt as a newcomer. They now have a ridiculous minimum of $6000 per year in place (what do they have to lose by not allowing small devs?). Luckily there are other alternatives such as 2checkout, etc…

They should reconsider their decision, it won’t do them any good in the long run.

Yeah, I guess they need to cut costs and I assume even smaller accounts introduce some fixed costs (perhaps related to tax or other administration etc…? I don’t know…)
At BlueSnap, smaller accounts are defined as “sales less than 2500 USD/month” and these accounts pay a fixed 75 USD “maintenance fee” at the moment (on top of the normal fees).

My current needs for a good software sales system are:

  1. secure hosted checkout / payment pages (not on my website, but accessed via a button on my site), single product is fine for me (no bundles or shopping cart needed for now)
  2. support for all major credit cards + PayPal as payment methods (some fraud prevention can be nice to have)
  3. secure POST callback to custom URL on my site upon successful purchase, with product and user info in custom fields, to generate a license key for the product the user just bought
  4. email from sales system to client (currently 1 “receipt of payment” + 1 “product order with license key” email, but could also be just 1 single email with all that info)
  5. custom “completion” URL where the user goes after the purchase process
  6. possibility to specify gross prices (tax / VAT included in advertised price)
  7. tax / VAT handled and remitted to the appropriate authorities by sales system vendor (willing to pay for this…)
  8. possibility to use (time-limited) coupon codes for product discounts
  9. volume discounts (not critical)
  10. sales system fees should remain low enough to keep it all worthwhile :wink:

For 3. using a list of previously uploaded license keys might work too, but I’d still need a URL to be called upon successful purchase, so I can perform some actions for that (user, product) combo on my own website.