Where is everybody?

Guess everybody is busy these days. Definitely less of a “buzz” than we had when juce was first out…

Valley, hope you’re not pissed at me over the code fragments thing.

I think we need a real code database of some sort. More than just a huge open festering bucket where everybody throws their permutations…that degrades quickly, as evidenced by ModuLR’s file area. I mean, that’s okay for a few simple snippets, but as it grows beyond that, to be able to make use of it requires searching the descriptions…it also assumes that people write worthwhile re-usable snippets in the first place. And having multilple permutations of the same basic widget idea is just a waste, IMO. There needs to be some selectivity or rating process.

Anyway, I don’t know much about websites and stuff, but Valley says he has some server space, and it seems like there ought to be some simple software out there for managing the files, whether snippets, small projects, or whatever, and tracking short comments about the files.

I am using CVS at home from day one. If you want to manage a real project with several developers you must use a version control system. You can either deploy your own or you can just host the project at sourceforge or similar instead…

as for the buzz I hope it will be even higher when the first projects will start to apear and used by people

Still much enthusiam over the ol’ jucey bits! Unfortunately, a new project has officially rolled thru here at work, and thus my schedule has become totally chaotic… thus no time to play with any code… :?

Damn, here it is Monday night, and no new posts since Saturday. :frowning: :cry:

Ive been very ill actually. back to work starting tommorow.