Should I download directly or clone from Git?

Hello, I was told it’s best to fork from github, could anyone tell me if this is true and why I can not just download JUCE directly and install it?

Many thanks

Typically it’s best to clone the JUCE repository from github: GitHub - juce-framework/JUCE: JUCE is an open-source cross-platform C++ application framework for desk

This makes it easier to update as you can just git pull to get the latest version. It also gives you access to the develop branch which will contain all the latest bug fixes and features.

The one advantage of downloading the pre-packed version of JUCE (JUCE) is that it comes with the Projucer and DemoRunner pre-built. If you clone the git repo, you’ll need to build these yourself (although that’s not at all difficult).


Thanks a mill for reply,
is there an instruction on how to build these if I clone it, if a complete novice would it be easiest to just download directly?

Yes here you go JUCE 6 Tutorial 00 - How to Explore the JUCE Repository and New Features - YouTube

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Great thanks a mill