Skinning a Juce application GUI


while looking through the code, I saw that changing the GUI look needs code-based changes in a look-and-feel based class.
I was wondering: are there already classes out there that provide skinnable Juce components, something like an xml file with GUI component positions, color specifications and bitmap file names etc…? That would be easier than coding it into the C++ files directly.
Just asking around to see what’s out there.


As discussed on various other threads, this is going to be a goal for the new jucer - it’ll (eventually!) let you design a look+feel graphically, and it’ll be possible to load different L+Fs dynamically.

Sounds good!
Any time frame on this? Or available code we can contribute to? Or is it too early?

Too early right now, but hoping to have something to try within about 3 months.

OK, cool.
If you need feature requests, need to split decisions, or need any feedback, let us now.
When I’m a bit further down the road with Juce GUIs I might be able to help out with some stuff too.
Looking forward to this.

sound great.
dear jules,you are so good!
I love you.

Hi Jules,

any news regarding the skinning issue?
It would fit into a new project, which I
will start soon.


I’m working away on the jucer stuff, but it’s a mammoth task! I think the end of the year is a realistic target for a beta version.