Skip Juce 5 and start with Juce 6?

I’m starting Juce just right now, I noticed that Juce 6 is just around the corner and there is already a preview available on GitHub.

  • Should I still use Juce 5 to get started or just skip it and use Juce 6?
  • Is there anything in Juce 5 that’s deprecated or will change in any other substantial way in Juce 6?
  • Could/Should I use the current Projucer and use it with the Juce 6 preview from GitHub?
  • Do the current Juce 5 Tutorials still apply to Juce 6?
  • Are there any dependencies other than CMake?

For the case it’s relevant, I want to build an educational mobile App as a university project. It explains how to use a synthesizer and should have interactive examples where you can try out what you just learned. The educating part should be scrollable text/pictures and/or a video player (I’m not sure yet) and the examples are just really simple synthesizers.
Since this is for my design and not my computer science studies, a completely functional prototype isn’t mandatory (just a click dummy), but it would be nice. I think the deadline is July 14th.

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You can read the Juce 6 news in the announcement post. I think that aside from some changes (headerless, CMake, new DSP modules, no valueTree dependenci on ParameterAttachment…) it will be very similar to Juce 5, enough to allow you to easily migrate from 5 to 6 without headaches specially if you are just starting and your projects aren’t complex. On the other hand if you aren’t doing any serious stuff and just learning, you can start tinkering with Juce 6 even if it’s not the final version yet (till June IIRC, that it’s the official release). Bear you that Juce 5 has all the documentation while Juce 6 doesn’t yet (does it somewhere? correct me if I’m wrong) so if you have a doubt you about new features you won’t be able to check them.

Some tutorials will have to be updated I guess, or at least those with ParameterAttachments to show how the new verison works.