JUCE 5 to JUCE 6

I guess with some of the activity happening recently that JUCE 6 is imminent for release.

Just a couple of questions regarding JUCE 5:

a) will JUCE 5 development stop completely when 6 is released? i.e. might there be critical fixes applied to JUCE 5 even after 6 is out?
b) if it does stop, will there be a final JUCE 5 release with all the current develop branch changes applied?

Yes, we’re not far away from launching JUCE 6 now.

When JUCE 6 is released we will be focused on building JUCE 6 features. JUCE 5 will not be updated to remain compatible with the latest versions of operating systems or other libraries and frameworks. If there is a particularly critical bug, that we don’t already know about, that renders JUCE 5 unusable on the current set of supported deployment targets then we can grant special permission for JUCE 5 users to apply the corresponding fix from a JUCE 6 commit. This will be the exception, rather than the rule.

We are not planning to do a last JUCE 5 release before JUCE 6, but we will be merging the develop branch into master beforehand. This means that there will be a JUCE 5 master branch commit with all the recent fixes available.