JUCE 5 Support Lifetime

With JUCE 6 just around the corner, I am wondering how long we can expect support for bugs/system fixes on JUCE 5 going forwards?
I don’t expect new features to be ported back into JUCE 5 obviously, but critical bugs due to things like OS updates (such as scaling/dpi issues) and VST3 API changes etc… I would hope get resolved for some time to come.


Looking at Juce’s version history I don’t see any v3.x updates after 4.0 was released, or any 4.x updates after 5.0 was released, so I wouldn’t expect any patches for 5.x once 6.0 releases.

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Hmm… well I suppose I’ve gotten fair time/value out of my indie license (even though I’ve not released a product yet… so probably didn’t need it) so I’m not complaining (although I didn’t realize ‘perpetual license’ meant just for V5 at the time - it’s not exactly written in bold letters on the ‘Get JUCE’ page that the license will only cover the current version).
So I hope there will be compensation in place for those who are buying JUCE 5 licenses right now… I think I remember reading about something of that nature in the announcements for JUCE 6.

I can’t think of many examples of products where ‘perpetual license’ is taken to mean ‘current and all future major version releases’.

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Yeah… I guess I was a little too optimistic there :slight_smile:

(anyway, my main point… is I was hoping there is some transition time for critical bug fixes rather than just dropping support instantly for JUCE 5)

I guess since bugs were not supposed to be in there in the first place, no one should object to cherry-pick bugfixes to your juce-5. However, who could tell, what is a bug-fix and what is a new feature? It is hard to judge without a juce-5 release branch. Quite a grey zone.

The other drawback is, from there you are on your own on testing, since it becomes a very individual scenario, which commits you cherry-picked.

Obviously only JUCE officials can give a decisive answer.