Juce version 6, 7, ... schedule


Hi Juce team !

What is the schedule for Juce new version release ?
Each year, each two year, whenever you see fit … ?

Thanks !


Just over a year seems to be a good cadence.


We’ll release new versions every 14 to 18 months


So monthly payment is encouraged if you want to be up to date. Gotcha


Yes, the monthly license will probably be a better choice for customers who know that they will upgrade to JUCE 6.


Since the Indie License Subscription is only $35/mo and doesn’t have that dumb splash screen, Why would we ever shell out $700 for a perpetual license if you guys are going to keep pushing out new versions every 14-18 months? 14 months * 35 is only $490. that’s $210 less than a perpetual Indie license. It says you guys require a 12-month commitment for the Pro and Indie license.

those figures for one year work out to:
$420 for the Indie license
$780 for the Pro License

In order for the perpetual license to be a better value over the subscription for either plan, you’ll need to be a Pro or Indie subscriber for 21 months or more. Any less than that and the subscription is the better deal, especially if you guys are releasing new versions in less than 20 months.


I mean, devs being able to do this basic math is a given, the point is to give options. A perpetual license will allow you to distribute a product you built using JUCE 5 for the rest of eternity so you don’t have to keep up with monthly payments. That’s where the extra value comes from.




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