Small compile fix that could be included in head

The code in juce_win32_NativeCode.cpp around line 76 should read:

#include "../audio/audio_file_formats/juce_AudioCDBurner.h"

Else, the CLSID are missing from link step even when JUCE_USE_CDBURNER is defined to 0 (and the juce code is not compiled).
This is because microsoft issue linker’s symbol include when INIT_GUID is set.

Thanks, I’ll sort that out!


It will be good if u separate out the cd burner and cd reader code from the platform specific code.

Thanks and Regards

Not quite sure I understand you…? All the cd stuff belongs in the native code, so why would I separate it from that?

Actually i dont want to burn anything into the cd. But i want to read from cd.

Now in PC side both reading and burning is in the same file juce_win32_AudioCDReader.cpp. In this file the first line is


and in juce_amalgamated.cpp we have the code


 /* You'll need the Platform SDK for these headers - if you don't have it and don't
    need to use CD-burning, then you might just want to disable the JUCE_USE_CDBURNER
    flag in juce_Config.h to avoid these includes.
 #include <imapi.h>
 #include <imapierror.h>

so i cant comment out the line in juce_config.h file where we define JUCE_USE_CDBURNER. Thats y i was requesting u to put the code in two different files or use the macro only for burning code.

Ah, I see! Yes, you’re quite right - it should certainly have separate macros for those - I’ll get that tidied up right away…