Small question about building a VST for mac (I'm on windows)

If i compile my plugin for release, assuming there are no windows-specific lines of code, will Mac users be able to use it or do I have to compile on a mac for it to work?

In general, you must build your applications and plugins on the target platform, i.e. plugins designed to run on macOS must be built on macOS.

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That’s why i have 5 computers at home! :frowning_face: Is there any approach to avoid that (expensive) proliferation? I briefly tried Virtual Machines, but TBH in the past i never succeeded to run Manjaro on Ubuntu (nor macOS) for instance.

what about using an automated service like GitHub actions? you can configure a workflow to run your build natively on a MacOS, Windows, or Ubuntu machine and then upload your artifacts. You could even automate creating releases/packages via github, too…

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Thanks, i’ll have a look. (((I can not remember why i didn’t considered it before. Probably that this didn’t exist when i was looking for an easier way.)))

GitHub Actions and similar (Circle CI for example) are great for building but they won’t be as helpful when you have a problem you need to debug. Maybe something like

Because they used to cost. Only now there are tiers that are interesting for indie developers. Especially with offers for free for open source projects…

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