[solved] Anyone with Big Sur and/or Silicon Mac willing to test a plugin?

I’ve built an Intel/Silicon universal binary of a plugin, but without access to a Silicon mac or a machine running Big Sur, I have no way to test that it actually works.

Are any of you early adopters or folks with a DTK Silicon mac willing to see if my plugin installs and loads OK?

It’s a commercial plugin, so I’ll throw a license your way.

Sure, I can do that. Email me at roland@rabiensoftware.com

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I have not been able to test my plugin on Mac Catalina (intel). I just have one of them notarized as a test of the process. Would you be willing to try my test plugin?

I can offer a license for all my plugins (eight).

Hey bwall, I run Catalina and would be glad to test your plugin. Email it to me at: info [at] oblivionsoundlab [dot] com

EDIT: It turns out I couldn’t help bwall beyond running command line tests, since his plugin is AAX format, and no Pro Tools here. So he’s still looking for Catalina users who can help test an AAX plugin.