[Solved] ASIO does not appear as Audio type. How to Add?

I use an ASIO driver with my Roland Audio/Midi interface (shows and works with Sonar).
But deviceManager.getAvailableDeviceTypes() returns only one item - DirectSound. (On windows)
Under DirectSound I can choose my hardware and play an outgoing sound.
How do I find the ASIO type to use the faster driver?

Found the switch in Projucer - manually including parts didn’t work.


	AudioIODeviceType *at = AudioIODeviceType::createAudioIODeviceType_ASIO();
	if(at != 0){
		ch = at->getTypeName();

to see if it can see an ASIO driver, but this always returns 0;

Do you have the JUCE_ASIO define set to enabled in the Projucer ? Do you have installed the ASIO SDK from Steinberg ? Did you see the information in AsioAudioIODevice class header ?

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