[Solved][Feature Request] A way to mark a dir as a "Resource"


When I mark a file as a Resource, on Mac OS X and iOS it’s copied in the bundle of my built binary. But it’s directly pasted in the Resources dir.

Is there any way I can mark a directory to be copied in the Resources dir, as is? If there isn’t - is it a reasonable request to add such a feature?

I think there needs to be a unified way to deal with resources in JUCE, handling all the different cases for the different OS’s, but I don’t see how can this be done without having some form of installer builder tool, too… What are the backlog items in this direction (unified resource management) and is anything planned (if that’s not a secret)?


//cc: @timur @jules


In Projucer, you can use the “Custom Xcode Resource folders” field of the Xcode (MacOSX) and Xcode (iOS) export targets.


Thanks McMartin! I didn’t know about this. Couple of months back I asked whether something is done in this direction, but didn’t get any response in that thread, so I thought it’s safe to assume nothing has been implemented, yet.


I would still like to know if there are any plans on universal resource management.

No plans for this right now. You’ll need to use the “Custom Xcode Resource folder”, Binary Resources or the XCode resource check-box for now.

Thanks for the reply.