[SOLVED] Unity Plugin Editor not showing



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SORRY, posted too early,… I added one Slider Component to my GUI and now everything is fine and the GUI shows up. So first I figured that might be a bug, so I commented everything in my PluginEditor out again and restored the Hello World part, and then that worked too… so no idea what fixed it but all is good now.

//original post:

I’m super excited about the new Unity Plugin export target and just built a first little test plugin. Audio works, my Parameters show up, so far so good.

But the PluginEditor doesn’t seem to load in UnityEditor. I didn’t do anything fancy as far as the GUI goes, it’s just “Hello World” in the paint method for now. AudioProcessor::hasEditor() returns true (and obviously Standalone and VST/AU Plugin Builds show the proper PluginEditor).

But Unity is still just showing me the standard Unity sliders in the Editor instead of the “Hello World” window. Am I missing something important?