[SOLVED] Windows-wont create vst3 or vst .dll file

i followed the “Create your first audio plugin” guide but i wont get the dll files for the vsts. The standalone exe works.
I dont even get error msgs. Just nothingness.
What should i do?

Check your Projucer project has the plugin format builds enabled. Also, VST2 is now deprecated so it might not be set to be built by default. VST3 plugins end up as .vst3 files, not .dll files like VST2 plugins would.

i added the vst2 build to see if something happens. Nothing and doesnt matter if the file ist called Project.dll or Project.vst3 if niether of them exist.

Figured, a file in the SDK was corrupt. Didnt thought of it bc the non existing error messages. But after a restart i got some. Now it works.