What options ticked to have a .dll audio Plug-in? (Windows 10)

Hi everyone! I’m new here and into the world of VSTs!
I’ve been making some simples vsts to be run into Ableton Live Suite 10, but a problem that I’m encountering is that apparently Ableton does not support .vst3 file format at the moment. It seems that the new version (which is a beta so far) will support them, but at the moment I can’t work with it for this reason!
So…I’m not really understanding how to create my .dll file after building my program into Visual Studio 2017. I thought that I had to tick the “VST(Legacy)” box but I can’t see any .dll in my Project Folder… can someone help me somehow? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, that should do the trick. Are you actually building the right project in your VS solution? There should be multiple projects in it, depending on what boxes you ticked (one with the shared code, and then the ones for Standalone, VST2, VST3, AU, RTAS; AAX, etc.)

Yes, I have VST folder and Not VST2, but there isn’t any .dll file

Do you have the VST2 SDK? It’s no longer officially available. Maybe Visual Studio manages to build some of the projects but not the VST2 one. Does it say that some of the builds succeeded but some didn’t? (Also, did you build the whole Visual Studio solution and not just the “start up project”?)