[SOLVED] Xcode keeps asking for microphone and file access permissions - Issue with Code Signing

Xcode has started to ask permissions every time i change anything in the app code. If i change nothing, it settles for asking them once, but after the app is built, the permission requests popup again.

Have you seen this happen recently? Any ideas how to make Xcode remember the permission over consecutive builds like it used to?

I tried Google but didn’t find anything related or useful.

Oh, it’s a code signing issue. I don’t know how to configure Projucer to make this work.

Apparently the minimal configuration on Xcode requires me to choose the Team manually. Xcode then automatically changes the Signing Certificate to Apple Development.

I see a field for Code-Signing Identity in Projucer, but don’t know what should i put there. Neither the name of my team or the name of the signing certificate does anything useful. If i put “Apple Development” there, i still need to choose the team manually in Xcode after every export from Projucer.

If i leave the Code-Signing Identity empty in Projucer, the Signing Certificate in Xcode has the value “Sign to Run Locally”, but this configuration requests the permissions after every rebuild.

How’s this done?

You should fill Development Team ID in the exporter settings for XCode in Projucer.

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Goodness! that’s it. I could swear i did look for something like that, but got confused about the signing identity being in a different place under the target settings.

Thank you very much @MBO !


I’ve been having the same issue, however I don’t have a developer ID currently. Is there another way to run my project locally and get permissions granting to stick?

Should it be the ID code or the team name?

I had to remove this field entirely to get builds on Mac to half-work (they still aren’t fully signed, but I believe that is because they haven’t been sent to Apple for their final sign-off).

It was quite a process and mostly done in XCode’s signing and certifying tab, not the jucer file or the code base.

The ID code.

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You can use your Personal Team ID instead. It is enough to develop and test your app (at least for most cases, IIRC there are some extensions which require developer account - but that shouldn’t be the case of JUCE apps).


We have been able to develop and test the app - the only problem is that there is a security warning when you try to launch it on another computer. Basically an “Untrusted developer, are you sure you want to run this?” warning. Is that normal? Otherwise everything works fine.

Yeah, it is normal. It will disappear, if you sign an app using your valid developer account or/and publish it via the AppStore.

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