Some help needed with AudioThumbnails

As soon as I try to use an AudioThumbnail/AudioThumbnailCache in a plugin it renders it un-loadable. I’m working off the demo application and set about building my own waveform display component from the ground up, based on Jules code. But I got stuck at the first hurdle :oops:

class WaveformDisplay : public Component
	WaveformDisplay(AudioFormatManager& formatManager):
	thumbnailCache (5), thumbnail (512, formatManager, thumbnailCache){	
    AudioThumbnailCache thumbnailCache;
    AudioThumbnail thumbnail;	

If I try to place one of the above in my plugin editor no host will open it. I get no build errors mind you, just a ‘plugin failed to load’ error. Any ideas? Perhaps there is more to the audio thumbnail classes than meet the eye…

Ok, I think I found the problem…