NooB Q - Using Projucer to create VST plugin with AudioThumbnail support

I have created a simple VST plugin using Projucer. One thing I am doing is adding the ability to asynchronously play (and display) a WAV file by pressing a “play” button on the plugin. The playback functionality works, but now I want to display the waveform in the plugin window. To do that, I’m trying to adapt the tutorial_audio_thumbnail code for a plugin. Unfortunately, these lines in my PlugInEditor.h fail to compile because juce_audio_utils.h is not included by Projucer when building a plugin.

    AudioThumbnailCache thumbnailCache;                  // this must appear before AudioThumbnail, but after AudioFormatManager
    AudioThumbnail thumbnail;                            // this must appear after AudioThumbnailCache

I’m pretty sure I could hack my way through by simply copy/pasting some files to get this to build, but I’m trying to do it in a JUCE and Projucer-compliant way. Any suggestions?

[roll eyes] right-clicking on the Modules item in the Config panel of Projucer allows the addition of modules. Question answered!

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