Some Mac OS X issues

This is a result of my bug but it revealed a problem in JUCE

bool File::hasWriteAccess() const throw()
if (exists())
return juce_canWriteToFile (fullPath);

else if (! isDirectory())
    return getParentDirectory().hasWriteAccess();
    return false;

Will cause a stack overflow if the file path is an empty string

Also I am waiting for comments on the XCode JUCE project with debug/release builds:

If someone has an idea why my project (VST plugin) is not stopping on breakpoints (I use Tracktion as the executable).

BTW Tracktion outputs some debug messages to the debug console on OS X like what plugins it loads, etc.


Nice one, I’ll fix that. That’s two bugs you guys have found in one day - I’d better shape up a bit here!

I’ve not had time to play with the debug/release build stuff on the mac yet, but will do before the next release. Sounds like you’re right that having differently named libs is the way to go.

One more thing about the XCode project. I can’t find any #defines used like in the PC version. _DEBUG, NDEBUG, _LIB, etc. So the only difference between DEBUG and RELEASE is the optimization level and the debug info.

From looking at this:

#include <CoreServices/CoreServices.h>
#include <wchar.h>

#ifndef NDEBUG
#define JUCE_DEBUG 1

/** If defined, this indicates that the processor is big-endian. */

It seems that the default on the Mac will be with JUCE_DEBUG defined in both deployment and development build…

I guess we need different names for libraries and also sort out this issue also

thanks - I’ll check that out too.