Mac OS X and FileChooser

The FileChooser title is JUCE - app name. For my VST there is no app object so its only JUCE. The title I give is only displayed below. This is not very good, I want my file dialog to have a title like any other OS X app or Tracktion…In any case JUCE shouldn’t be there (it apears also in the JUCE demo app).

Also if I debug my VST using debug frameworks (as you can ask to do in XCode debug properties) I get many OS X debug asserts. I get some also for Tracktion (did you try it with debug frameworks?) but the file chooser gets much more

Ah - that’s a good point, I should have sorted that out before - I’ll get onto it straight away.

Didn’t realise there was such a thing as debug frameworks, but that sounds interesting - I’ll have a go.

great, waiting for next JUCE version…

I found this note about debugging in OS X

When you run Tracktion in debug mode you get always the same 3 asserts.

it’s possible to run Tracktion in debug mode?? if so, how? i really could do with seeing some kind of debug output at the moment as i’m getting the most braindestroying crashes at such seemingly random times (although they always seem to happen during some kind of audio clip adjustment, it’s so unreproducable yet it happens in every session :frowning: )

debug mode? eh?

don’t you just mean “attach to process” which will allow you to break into your plugs code ( or Tracktions assembly )

You shouldn’t be forced to debug blind!

i can attach to tracktion for sure, but that’s just gonna tell me my plug’s debug output if i’m running it. oh well, i guess it’s a little too hopeful to wish for Tracktion’s debug output… seriously this crashing is driving me mental and i can’t find any kind of reason for it - it’s not the plugins as it’s happened in an empty edit :frowning:

This is OS X only, if you run Tracktion from the terminal or from a debugger with console output enabled you can see Tracktion logs what he is doing…but I meant running Tracktion on OS X with debug version of the system libraries so you can see if there is a problem with how Tracktion is using the OS X APIs. A similar thing exists in Windows (at least was) that allows you to run with debug version of the Windows system DLLs

I see. I don’t think it’s your job to be debugging Tracktion!

There’s a guy hangs around here does that…

I did not, I am trying to debug my VST stuff using Tracktion and on the way I found a couple of tricks to help Jules and other Mac OS X developers…

Although debugging JUCE is sometimes similar to debugging Tracktion :lol: