Some MAC-OSX questions

Hello everybody,

I am programming some VST-Plugins with Juce with Windows. Now I want to get a MAC-OS Version of my Plugin and I have two problems.

1. How can I use the pre-compiler commands to differentiate between MAC and WINDOWS Code-parts. Something like:
#if WIN
#elseif MAC


2. My Second problem is, that I can succesfully build my Plugin an MAC but the Plugin is not detected by Nuendo/Cubase or should I better say If I update my Plugins, Nuendo crashes while detecting my Plugin and then by the next startup the Plugin is not in the list. So there must be a error in it. 

Thank you 


#if defined _WIN32 || defined _WIN64

#elseif   JUCE_MAC

Theres a ton of useful macros like this in "juce_core/system/juce_TargetPlatform.h".

Personally I would use JUCE_WIN, JUCE_MAC, JUCE_IOS etc. and then the platform agnostic architecture flags: JUCE_32BIT, JUCE_64BIT


thank you fpr the helpful tips! I think I can use this Pre-compiler Commands to solve the first problem. 


But the bigger problem is the second one, why the plugin isn't detected, better said the host crashes after loading. 
I dont know where I can search the problems, im a little bit confused at the moment