Adding an iOS target to Projucer triggers a preprocessing error during compliation

I have added an iOS target to an already successfully compiling MacOSX project. Doing so seems to cause this line of code to stop compilation in my juce_CheckSettingMacros.h

#if ! (JucePlugin_Build_VST || JucePlugin_Build_VST3 \
        || JucePlugin_Build_AU || JucePlugin_Build_AUv3 \
        ||JucePlugin_Build_RTAS || JucePlugin_Build_AAX \
        || JucePlugin_Build_Standalone || JucePlugin_Build_LV2)
 #error "You need to enable at least one plugin format!"

Does anyone have any idea why this would be getting triggered? I have several of those macros set to 1, so, I’m not sure what would be causing this.