Some nice things about Juce audio plugins

Hi all:

I realized that I usually come on to this board to complain about things that aren’t going right with my Juce build, and I tend not to share my positive experiences. So, here are some of the things that are going right, and are nice features of Juce:

  • The File system is very powerful. For example, today I was struggling with PackageMaker. My presets exist in both the system directory and the user directory, but PackageMaker won’t allow me to create an empty folder in the user directory without writing a script. So I simply used the isDirectory() and createDirectory() methods of the File class to check for the directory in my editor instantiation code, and create the directory if it can’t find it. This saved me a few days work!
  • ApplicationProperties is very useful in storing user preferences, key strings for copy protection, all that type of stuff.
  • There has been discussion about improving the wrapper code to translate between real-world values and the 0-1 range needed for RTAS/VST, and I would like to see that happen. However, the existing code allows me to take my VST code, and run it as RTAS with no changes other than making sure that the link to the RTAS SDK is correct. If I had to learn the RTAS SDK, it would have taken me months.
  • Once I learned LookAndFeel, creating my own “procedural” sliders and knobs became easy.
  • The XML handling makes creating your own preset format fairly easy. In general, I make heavy use of XML in my current plugin, so having that functionality built-in is great.
  • The PopupMenu class is really nice.

If anyone else wants to add to the above list, feel free.

Sean Costello

If I had to list all the good things about Juce it would take days!!!