Specific plugin (Cyclone by SonicCharge) has UI issues under JUICE host

I am using the latest version of JUCE VST host (built from sources on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7), and there is unfortunately, one particular plugin that misbehaves .
[https://soniccharge.com/public/Sonic%20Charge%20Cyclone%201.0.dmg](https://SonicCharge Cyclone Plugin DMG Download Link)
Assuming this is a UI/drawing problem, I tried to remove all the additional code, that handles UI in JUCE Host, but I still get the same result. The UI of this plugin won’t
refresh until I manually click on its about button.
I’ve tried both AU and VST versions of the plugins, and faced this UI (?) glitch consistently.
I understand, that could be too minor of a complaint, to anyone of the devs to look at it, but I really love this plugin, and would appreciate any
guidance/debugging tips.