Speeding up debug builds on Windows

On Windows, compiling & running my stuff as Debug build is really slow, so slow that if there are just a few animations in the GUI (level meters for instance), the CPU consumption quickly goes up to 100%!
I noticed that with XCode, the CPU consumption difference between Release and Debug builds is not that big.
What settings are relevant in Visual Studio to make debug builds not consume that high amounts of CPU?

Perhaps this is partly due to the debugging ‘new’ operator Jules has on the debug Windows build (but not on Mac)?

… sorry, just read you post in more detail - sounds more severe unless you’re doing a lot of new/delete?

win32 has always been much worse than gcc in that respect, but I don’t know why. I don’t think there’s a magic way of making it go fast and being debuggable, otherwise they’d probably have made it do that in the first place.

But something you can do is to optimise certain files - so you could e.g. use full optimisation on the juce amalgamated file, and not on your own code. Of course it’ll make debugging into the juce classes a bit tricky.