Standalone doesn't run/hangs on startup - works when launched via Visual Studio

Since last week I’m unable to launch the standalone version of my project in windows 7. The executable gives an empty shell and explorer ‘beachballs’, but the window doesn’t pop up. The executable does, however, open when launched from Visual Studio. This regards to both the debug and release builds.
The VST build runs fine in Reaper.

The strange thing is, a previous build used to run fine, but doesn’t launch any more as well…

It runs and launches fine on macOS.

How is this possible? I don’t get any warnings or assertions from Visual Studio.

I use Juce 5.2.0

My project:

One thing you could try is to launch the app (so that it hangs) and attach the VS debugger to the running application. Then press the “pause” button to see where it hangs.


I’ll try that, thanks!

In the meantime I’ve discoverd it does run when launching as admin. Is there a way to circumvent this?

Well, I’ve changed my user account to be an administrator and now the main appwindow of the standalone build is not rendered again (debug/release), even when launching from visual studio. Mind boggling.

I’m guessing it’s a windows thing, the VST runs fine in Reaper…

You could keep pondering or you could just attach the debugger and have a look :wink:

Did that, and the app seems to run fine. It runs the main loop without hitches, I can see regular processor activity and no obvious ram issues. The problem is simply that the main window is not showing up.

Alright, so I compiled it on my win10 machine and it runs fine. Blaming microsoft for this one. Especially since an earlier build used to run fine, but doesn’t anymore on my win7 machine.