Standalone Version errors

Im trying to run a standalone plugin for several days now and it won’t work,
every time I compile I keep getting errors. All I do is load the plugin with standalone mode enabled only and right off the bat I compile it and get errors. I don’t even get a GUI popup from the editor. What steps do I have to take to get this to work and get my GUI to pop up in the standalone app??

I was able to get the popup to come out but I had to disable a jassert regarding the AudioIO of the AudioProcessor… I don’t think that was a very good idea… but atleast the popup is up but if you guys know of a better way to do this than disabling jasserts that really should be please let me know…

Please provide more details. All we know so far is that you had issues (which ones?) with compiling a standalone plugin, and now you are hitting a jassert (which one?). We at least need to know the exact location (file path and line number) of that jassert to be able to help you.