Strange namespace errors after re-saving using intorjucer

Using current modules tip, I get strange “Expected a class or namespace” errors after I open and existing introjucer project using the introjucer, add a new CPP and H file and then save the project. The errors are all related to enums. I get the errors on lines such as this . .

Desktop::getInstance().setOrientationsEnabled( Desktop::DisplayOrientation::upright | Desktop::DisplayOrientation::upsideDown );

or this . . .

stereoLabel->setColour(Label::ColourIds::textColourId, Colours::grey);

The build worked fine before I added the new source files. The build is also fine if I manually add the new source files using XCode. What am I doing wrong?

Are you actually including the juce headers in these new files?

Ug, sorry for wasting your time. Realised that I had not recompiled the introjucer for a couple of weeks. Just retested and the strange errors have gone.

PS - the custom PList stuff is cool. Thanks.