Streaming data through an AudioProcessor

I’m new in JUCE and programming in general, so it is probable that I have some underlying misunderstandings leading up to this problem.
I am trying to create a command line plugin host that is supposed collect incoming raw audio and midi data (and hopefully parameters in the future) from an external application, run and process it through some plugins and return the processed audio data to the external app to play back.
I have been able to load a plugin and create an AudioPluginInstance thus far, but I can’t seem to figure out how to stream data (audio and midi) through the loaded plugin without having to deal with IO devices. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the documentation and the AudioPluginHost example, but I feel lost anyways. I would be more than happy to at least get some general road map on what to do, if that’s not asking too much. Also if anyone knows about some kind of tutorial or something about creating plugin hosts, that would be awesome as well, since all I could find was really outdated semi-tutorial type content.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

If you want your plugin host to be able to pick audio from any application you should get the aproach of Sound Siphone or Soundflower that route the audio from apps. As I don’t think Juce provides that kind of functionality but more like picking what Audio Devices the OS it operates in offers (maybe I’m wrong, someone can correct me), you could try something like Fabian proposed

I was hoping that I could use UDP for the interprocess communications. As in getting the input stream through UDP, passing it through the processor and sending the output stream through UDP again. I was planning on focusing on the UDP part after I figure out how to pass data through the processor but some heads up would be nice if that’s a stupid plan :sweat_smile:.
Sorry if I’m trailing off the title of the topic here but as I said I’m kinda lost, and I thought passing data through the processor could be the first problem to tackle.